Motor vehicle coolant is responsible for regulating the temperature in the engine. The engine of the car gets extremely hot when running and this heat can cause damage to the engine and other car components under the hood of the car. What’s more, this high temperature in the engine can be a safety hazard because it can cause accidental fires.

Coolant typically should be made up of non-corrosive chemicals in order to prevent it from eating at the different parts of the cooling system. This is because there are different types of coolant in the market today that all promise to keep your engine temperature regulated for longer. This is however not always true as different manufacturers add different chemical components to these coolants, some of which can cause extensive damage to the cooling system of your car and in turn the overall performance of your car will be affected.

Coolant pipes are the passages through which coolant flows in the process of taking away the heat from the engine, so it is important to keep them in good shape.

Qualities of Coolant Pipes

For coolant pipes to function as expected, they have to possess certain qualities. One top quality that they should have is heat resistance. When the coolant takes away at least one third of the heat in the combustion chamber, the liquid becomes extremely hot just before it goes into the radiator and cooled and then reintroduced into the engine. This is why the coolant pipes need to be able to withstand very high temperatures.

Other than temperature, coolant is a chemical compound whose composition varies from one manufacturer to the next. This requires that the coolant pipes be made of material that cannot be corroded by the coolant. Material that can be corroded will easily be compromised and create leaks which can further damage other engine components, should the coolant find its way into the fuel compartment.

Another important quality of the coolant pipes is that they should be very durable. Considering the conditions under which they work, coolant pipes should ideally be made up of material that can last for a long time. This is because constantly having to replace the coolant pipes can open up the engine to unnecessary complications arising from faulty coolant pipes. These problems can be very expensive to fix time and again.

Plastic vs Alloy Coolant Pipes

In an effort to keep costs low, there are many vehicle models that have been fitted with plastic coolant pipes. While the plastic pipes will serve their purpose, their durability still remains questionable. This is because plastic is highly susceptible to extreme heat that will cause melting and damage in the pipes. In addition, the constant temperature changes in the pipes can cause cracks in the plastic due to sudden expansion and contraction. These cracks will cause coolant leaks which will affect the engine’s functions.

Alloy coolant pipes, on the other hand, are made to be much sturdier, and this translates into longer life. The alloy pipes are also light and easy to repair in the event of a crack. These repairs can be done by a mechanic that is familiar with simple welding processes.

Considering the kind of heat that the coolant pipes are exposed to, the alloy coolant pipes seem to be able to hold their own better than their plastic counterparts. This is because metals have a higher ability to withstand heat before they start melting. This ability is further improved by combining metals to create alloys. Furthermore, alloys are easier to dispose of because they can easily be recycled and refashioned into other useful items.


While keeping costs low is very important considering the fact that the coolant pipes will almost definitely need to be replaced eventually, it is important to note that the cost difference between plastic and alloy coolant pipes is not that huge. It is therefore better to go for the pipes that will last longer and require fewer replacements within a given period of time.

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