BMW is the ultimate German brand in automobiles when it comes to experiencing sheer driving pleasure. This brand comes with a healthy reputation for producing vehicles that deliver outstanding performance & precise handling. Its driver-centric design builds a seamless connection between the driver & the speed machine.

However, like other cars, BMWs also need regular aftercare & attention. Despite following the recommended maintenance regime, sometimes your BMW suffers from different issues & depending on the problem, you may see the Service Engine Soon light on your dashboard. If you are from Redwood City & encounter this troubling situation, you need to take the right steps to address the hassle briskly.

This article will guide you through the steps to take when your BMW flashes the service engine soon light while exploring the mesmerizing Real Redwood City.

What Does The Service Engine Soon Light Mean?

The service engine soon light serves as an indicator on your BMW’s dashboard, signaling potential troubles related to the engine. Since this light signifies malfunction, it is alternatively regarded as the ‘Malfunction Indicator Light’. Its illumination may or may not be an immediate danger. Thus, disregarding it can become a serious concern in the time to come. Make on the dot diagnosis no matter how busy you are in your everyday life.

Probable Causes Of Illumination

  • Failing O2 Sensor : The O2 sensor is responsible for keeping the emission level in control by measuring the amount of unburned oxygen. When it fails, it sends wrong data to the Engine Control Unit due to which the overall emission level gets increased. This unwanted hike in the emission level forces the service engine light to turn on.
  • Faulty Catalytic Converter : Vehicles release smoke during their operation. That smoke should not stress the environment. The role of the catalytic converter is to convert harmful smoke into less harmful before its release into the environment. And kind of defectiveness in the catalytic converter impairs the conversion process & results in letting out the harmful smoke. Because of this abrupt behavior, the service engine soon light glows.
  • Malfunctioning Ignition System : Problems with the ignition coil, ignition coil module, or the spark plugs can hinder the normal operation of the engine & lead to misfiring. And once the engine misfires, the service engine soon light turns on automatically.
  • Vacuum Leak : A leak in the vacuum system due to damaged hoses or gaskets can take a huge toll on the engine performance. This disruption in the engine performance lets service engine light illuminate.

Steps To Be Followed During Illumination

  • Step-1: Assess The Situation With No Cold Sweat : The illumination of the service engine light may force you to feel a sense of worry which is quite natural. However, you should remain calm as your agitation won’t let you evaluate the situation even-handedly & may make the situation worse. Just try to identify the changes in your vehicle’s performance which will help you while communicating with your mechanic.
  • Step-2: Check For The Obvious Issues : You can visit a garage in a rush, but that will never be a wise call. First, you should make a visual inspection. It may help you discover the underlying causes. There may be the cases when the issue will be too small to be handled on your own. Otherwise, you can go for calling a technician for fixing.
  • Step-3: Safely Drive To A Trusted Garage : It is advisable to stop by a trusted service point to fix the underlying issue effectively. You may find several service centers in Real Redwood City for your BMW. But you need to pick a reputable service facility that employs only experienced technicians for diagnosis & repair. By doing so, you can do all the repairs without getting screwed.
  • Step-4: Respect The Recommendations : The car geek will explain the findings to you once after making the complete diagnosis. He will discuss the cause & provide further recommendations. Make yourself prepared enough to stick to those recommendations. If you have any confusion, you can directly ask the technician & clear your confusion before proceeding with the repairs.

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