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Expert European Auto Oil Change Service in Redwood City

Your car’s engine requires fresh, clean oil to continue to perform at a highly efficient level. As you put more miles on your car the engine oil becomes dirtier and less efficient which begins to add stress to your engine and lower the quality its’ performance. While any service center can do an oil change, in European cars things like the type of oil used and replacement filters can make a world of difference for your car’s overall performance and any impact an oil change can have.

Focusing on the Best Brands

At Cerrone’s European in Redwood City our technicians perform dealership quality oil changes using the same high-end replacement oil and filters that the manufacturer recommends. We currently have the tools and materials on-hand to service the most popular European brands:


European Auto Oil Change Service

The Dangers of Ignoring Service

Oil changes are one of the most common maintenance items and as a result drivers often extend the service intervals well past the recommended mileage schedule. When doing this however you run the risk of causing extreme issues in your vehicle. Prolonging oil changes can lead to numerous issues like:

  • Engine seizing due to lack of oil
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Engine strain
  • Accelerated wear and tear on engine and other components due to dirty and contaminated oil

The cost of an oil change is much easier to pay than the cost of a brand new car because your engine quit so while it may seem time consuming or unnecessary it’s important you stay on top of routine oil changes. Oil Changes Made Easy

Cerrone’s European has serviced Redwood City for over 4 decades and also helps drivers from:

Our technicians make it easier to follow your vehicle’s service schedule without all the high costs of a dealership.


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