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As you drive & the miles add up, components throughout your car will get dirty or be in need of maintenance to clean & restore them to peak performance. One area that can often be overlooked but is vital to your car’s performance is the intake valves. Carbon deposits & build-up can occur, limiting your car’s ability to perform up to its’ full capabilities. At Cerrone’s European, we work to remove these build-ups & maintain your European car’s performance with high-quality walnut blasting services as a pat of your vehicle’s overall engine maintenance.

Why Choose Cerrone’s European?

At Cerrone’s European, we’re committed to always providing your vehicle with the highest-quality service possible. Staffed with ASE certified & experienced mechanics, our team offers impeccable walnut blasting services for all models of:

Each of these makes and models require specific tools and equipment for proper air conditioning repairs and maintenance. Our shop is fully equipped with all of the proper materials necessary to ensure long-lasting quality and air conditioner that won’t let you down when you need it most.

Car Walnut Blasting Service

What is Walnut Blasting?

Simply put, walnut blasting is exactly what it sounds like: Cerrone’s European utilizes a mix of compressed air & walnut shells to blast the carbon deposits & build-ups right out of your intake valves.

How Often Does My Car Need This?

Typically walnut blasting is performed along a similar schedule as your vehicle’s recommended maintenance
schedule, which can be anywhere from 30K – 50K miles.

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Conveniently located in Redwood City, the team at Cerrone’s European is here to help make maintaining your European car easier & more affordable. If your car is due for service, make sure to mention walnut blasting for your vehicle & our friendly staff will make sure you can always enjoy the best that your car has to offer.


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