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Drivers know the horror stories associated with a worn-out clutch but that doesn’t always mean they stay on top of maintenance. European cars are known for their superior performance and smooth handling. To enjoy that type of performance you need to make sure that your car’s clutch is in good health and receiving high-quality service to prevent issues. At Cerrone’s European we help drivers in Redwood City maintain their car’s clutch with all the necessary services and repairs.

Brands We Service

At Cerrone’s European we offer complete clutch maintenance and repairs for the area’s most popular brands:

Our technicians have decades of experience working with these cars. We know exactly what your car needs to maintain the high level of performance that you expect.

European Auto Clutch Service

Common Signs of a Failing Clutch

While your clutch may suddenly fail, that is extremely unlikely. It’s more likely that you’ll begin to notice signs of wear and tear. If your car begins showing any of these issues, it’s important to schedule clutch service as soon as possible:

  • Clutch pedal is spongy when pressed
  • Engine revs but no acceleration
  • Difficulties shifting gear
  • Clutch sticks when shifting
  • Issues staying in gear/slipping out of gear

Our shop uses the latest available tools and equipment for all services. We also back the quality of our work with an unprecedented 2 Years – 24,000 miles warranty!

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For over 30 years, Cerrone’s European has been the go-to shop for drivers in Redwood City and areas like:

If your clutch is experiencing issues, please call or visit our shop today. Our friendly staff is here to help make taking care of your car as easy and affordable as possible.


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