Jaguar vehicles are especially known for their lavishness—not only in design and engineering, but in performance and comfort. European import brands such as Jaguarare special in that they can out-perform many of the vehicles on the road today, and are sought-after by car enthusiasts of all ages and generations. However, all of that luxury and high-quality performance can go down the drain without the proper care and maintenance.


The air suspension in a Jaguar is designed to absorb road imperfections and small road impacts from debris especially well. Although, the suspension in a Jaguar is just as susceptible as other cars to wear out over time; it must be regularly attended to throughout the life of the car in order for it to perform optimally. Air suspension failure in a Jaguar is not uncommon; however, a Jaguar specialist should be the one to diagnose and repair any issues, otherwise it could make matters worse. If you own a Jaguar, it’s helpful to know more about where air suspension issues stem from, why you might encounter suspension failure, and how to handle the problem if it comes up.

What does an air suspension do?

Air suspension in vehicles, especially in Jaguar vehicles, is designed to be a more advanced approach to the traditional suspension models. The air suspension is made up of a few different parts that are unique to other suspension designs, including air bags that fill with air to keep the car cushioned and raised off the ground, that are filled with the help of an air compressor. When it comes to the following specific air suspension issues, failure or malfunction in either one of these parts could be the source of the issue.

Leaking Airbags

An air leak in your Jaguar’s suspension can occur due to a number of issues; however, it is frequently the case that one or more of the suspension airbags is damaged. Other various parts that accompany the airbags, including seals that hold in the air pressure, can be the target of the air leak if they become compromised. Leaking airbags are one of the prime sources of air suspension failure. If you notice that one side of your car is resting lower than the other, you could have an air leak. It’s best to have the issue checked out by a Jaguar specialistbefore the suspension becomes further damaged, requiring more expensive repair work and replacement parts.

Failing or Malfunctioning Air Compressor

As we mentioned before, the airbags in your Jaguar’s suspension are filled by air from the air compressor. The compressor has a motorinside of it that works to generate energy to pump air into the airbags, filling them and keeping the car raised. With a system of sensors that detect the air pressure in each airbag, if you encounter an air leak the compressor can begin to work overtime, eventually burning out the motor. Therefore, it’s common to see multiple issues occur due to an air suspension problem. In this case, your automotive specialist will need to replace the motor in the compressor or the compressor itself, in addition to fixing the airbag leak.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Specialist for the Job

European imports, such as Jaguar, require constant care and maintenance in order to hold up the standards of the some of the leading brands in the world. Here at Cerrone’s European in Redwood City, CA, we value these cars—which is why we dedicated our careers to restoring and maintaining them. We know that owning a luxury vehicle can sometimes be costly and time-consuming, so we make it easy for our clients to receive the auto care they need at an affordable price and in a timely manner. Our expertise in Jaguars has kept customers from all over the area coming back for routine care. If you are noticing the signs of air suspension issues in your Jaguar, it’s critical that you bring it in for an inspection as soon as possible. Air suspension issues can worsen and cause significant damage to your Jaguar. After performing a thorough diagnosis, we’ll help you fix the suspension and address any other automotive concerns your might have. Please contact us directly to schedule an appointment.