If your cooling fan in your Volvo is malfunctioning, you need to know the warning signs, causes of the problem, how to prevent them in the future, and where to have your issues fixed up before the problem worsens. Look no further; we have you covered.

Warning Signs of a Malfunctioning Cooling Fan

If you notice any of these issues, it is important to have your Volvo taken to a certified auto shop as soon as possible.

Overheating Engine

If your vehicle is running at higher temperatures more frequently than it ought to, this is a pretty big indicator that your cooling fan has either been damaged or entirely broken.

Battery Drainage

When your battery is draining rather quickly or has run down entirely, it may have something to do with the cooling fans. Sometimes, they run even when the car is turned off, which in turn runs your vehicle out of juice.

Loud Noises

This is always a bad sign, and it could be due to a loose bearing in the fan’s motor. When you hear it, this may be an indication that the fan is about to fail entirely. You should not drive the Volvo until after you get the problem fixed at this point.

Reasons Why Your Cooling Fan Is Malfunctioning

Now that the issue has been noticed and identified, the next step is to understand where the problem is coming from. There are several different factors that go into why your cooling fan is damaged or broken.

Dirty Air Filter

Over time, your cooling fan collects dirt and dust. This blocks the fan’s airflow and causes the motor to overheat. When that happens, you lose the lubrication keeping your parts running at a faster rate which causes the fan to wear down.

General Age and Wear

As is typical of any car part, the older it is, the more it wears down and begins to fail. The same is true of your cooling fan. They slow down and keep the other components from staying at a consistent temperature.

Loss of Lubrication

As was stated earlier, your cooling fan needs plenty of lubrication to keep it going without damaging anything else. When your Volvo is improperly maintained, you run out of lube and ultimately hurt your vehicle.

How to Prevent Further Damage to the Cooling Fans

The first obvious solution is to have your vehicle taken to a qualified auto mechanic for inspection and repair. You should do this regardless when the problem arises. However, there are ways to keep your fans running for a longer period of time in the future.

Regularly Change the Air Filter

To keep all of the grime and dust out of your filters, have them cleaned to reduce the resistance against the moving parts so that your engine will stay cool and undamaged.

Regularly Maintain Lubrication Levels

The most important thing to keep any vehicle going is lubrication and a lot of it. The machine that takes you everywhere you need to go is made up almost entirely of different moving components. Something as simple as a clock needs oil to keep on ticking, and your Volvo does, too.

Have Your Volvo Serviced Often

This is true of any car. Have the right people inspect and service your Volvo to avoid running into issues like these. Save yourself the trouble of replacing everything by taking advantage of preventative maintenance.

Where to Go When the Cooling Fan Breaks Down

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* Man Driving Volvo image credit goes to: huettenhoelscher.