The Jaguar is known for being one of the most beautiful cars to ever hit the streets. Perfectly combining power and beauty, this car is on many a car enthusiasts wish list. It is no wonder car enthusiasts pay thousands of dollars to become a Jaguar owner.

However, as beautiful and efficient as the Jaguar is, it definitely has its fair share of issues. Jaguar car forums have hundreds of posts for questions and comments regarding problems with the different models. Out of all the common issues car owners face with this vehicle, one of the foremost has to do with water pump failure.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Jaguar, or you just want to know how to better care for this vehicle, check out this comprehensive list of information to keep your Jaguar in pristine condition.

What role does the water pump play?

The water pump, or also known as the coolant, plays a major role in keeping your engine and car cool. Coolant is distributed from the radiator and goes into the engine. You can thank your water pump for keeping the temperature well-maintained and balanced. In addition, this keeps your car from getting overheated which would eventually impacting the health of your engine.

These facts prove how important the role of a water pump plays on your vehicle. By equally distributing coolant throughout the engine, it helps to regulate temperature and keep the engine running. Although the water pump is extremely durable, it still suffers it fair share of issues. Therefore, paying close attention to minor changes is key to identifying possible areas of concern. Let’s next consider the symptoms of a failing water pump so you’ll know exactly what to look for.

What are the symptoms of a bad water pump?

One of the foremost symptoms of a faulty water pump are leaks. There are several gaskets that work together to keep your coolant in your vehicle. When the gaskets are destroyed due to general wear and tear, this causes a terrible leak. The coolant will then filter through the gaskets and empty out into the street or driveway. Often times, this spillage is found towards the front of your vehicle. You can thank faulty gaskets for those unsightly driveway leaks but they are also visible indicators that your car needs immediate help.

The next sign requires you to look deep within the hood of your car. If you notice gunk surrounding your water pump, this is probably due to a build-up of minerals. When the coolant leaks and become mixed with the elements found inside the car, this could result in awful corrosion. Often times, tiny holes are found around the pump. These holes are a clear indicator of damage. This opens the door for frequent leaks and bigger problems down the proverbial road.

The next sign is hearing strange noises coming from your motor. It may even sound like high-pitched buzzing. This could be a sign of a faulty water pump. When the belt is loose, it impacts how well the water pump functions. Therefore, this causes the whining sounds.

Finally, the last tell-tale sign is frequent ending overheating. If you’re constantly having to pull over and fill your car with coolant, this might be a indicator of an internal problem such as a leak. Failure to address this issue could result in eventual engine failure.

Why does this occur?

As mentioned, a majority of these issues occur due to general wear and tear with the gasket. Other indications could be the age of the vehicle and the products used during servicing.

How can I solve these issues?

One of the best ways to avoid leaks is to keep your Jaguar’s engine maintained. Never miss a servicing appointment, as a trained mechanic could identify problems before they worsen. In addition, pay attention to what you are putting into your Jaguar. Make sure you’re only using premium oils and fuel.

How We Can Help

Cerrone’s European, located in Redwood City, CA, is your premier choice for Jaguar maintenance. We have the skills needed to properly identify problems and develop a strategic plan of action. If you’re experiencing issues with your water pump, bring your car in today for servicing.