BMWs are powerful, elegant vehicles to drive. Driving a BMW can feel like driving a race car, with the vehicle’s powerful engine and smooth operating system. However, BMWs do have their faults. These vehicles have been commonly known to exhibit different kinds of electronic problems.

There have even been some BMW recalls due to faulty electronics. It is very important to know that these potential electronic issues do not take away from the value and durability of BMW vehicles. Like all passenger vehicles, with constant use some mechanical parts begin to wear down. Especially for new BMW owners, this article will help outline why electronic issues occur in BMWs. With this knowledge in mind, a well-informed owner can turn to a trusted BMW repair shop the minute he or she spots something wrong.

Battery Issues

All batteries will eventually get old, and lose their charge. While they are relatively small compared to a large vehicle, they are responsible for igniting the a vehicle’s operating system. On average, batteries should last about every 4 years or so. Being exposed to colder weather can weaken a battery’s life. Also, it is important for you to be proactive and ensure that you aren’t the cause for draining your battery.

Whenever you leave your vehicle, always make sure electronic items like cell phones are unplugged. Make sure all your interior lights are off, and that all of your vehicle doors are completely shut. All of those actions prevent your battery totally draining, especially if you are leaving your car for the night. If you are not sure if your battery should be replaced, ask a BMW expert auto-mechanic next time you take your car in for factory maintenance.

It is also important to check your battery terminals and connector cables. When these items are exposed to the elements (especially cold rain, drizzle, ice, and snow) corrosion can occur, which weakens the battery’s ability to send power out to your vehicle. Make sure the terminals and connector cables are cleared every few months so you can ensure your battery lasts longer.

Alternator Issues

The alternator belt is a critical component of your BMW. Essentially, it converts the energy of the engine’s rotating crankshaft into electricity. The electricity from your vehicle’s alternator belt is used to power your accessories while operating your vehicle. The alternator belt also charges your vehicle’s battery. The warning signs that your alternator belt is in trouble usually appear when you are driving.

For example, the headlights will behave erratically, like constantly flickering and going between too bright and too dim. Or you may have issues operating your windows, or your windshield wipers won’t run consistently. All of these issues could also pose serious safety concerns. The minute you notice erratic behavior operating your accessories, get in touch with a mechanic.

Cables, Fuses, and Wiring

Electronic issues in a BMW could arise from something as seemingly small as a blown fuse, or failed wiring. Your BMW is full of wires, cables, and fuses that run throughout your car. This electronic wiring helps operate your tail and brake lights, and also powers accessories like your audio system. Sometimes, one failed electric wire, or one blown fuse, could cause a cascade of other electronic issues. Rather like the alternator belt, if your accessories are operating erratically the electric wiring could be to blame.

Since electronic issues could have a whole host of different causes, it is important to get your BMW checked out by trusted, certified BMW mechanics. The professionals at Cerrone’s European are highly qualified to examine speciality European vehicles. Our mechanics can service a wide range of BMW models, so if you have an electronic problem, your vehicle would be in excellent hands.

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