The Jaguar car brand is known for its class, style, longevity, and high performance on the road. Jaguars are sophisticated with many comfort features, and the only way to maintain their uniqueness is through frequent checkups and repairs.

When you do not schedule routine maintenance for your car, several of its parts may begin to develop issues. One of these problems you may encounter in your Jaguar is oil leakage underneath the vehicle.

When a leak appears, your Jaguar may begin to lose its efficiency on the road, and driving can quickly become a frustrating task. Understanding the causes and symptoms of engine oil leaks can better help you prevent and handle this problem swiftly.

Causes of Engine Oil Leaks in Your Jaguar

Although Jaguar is known for its craftsmanship, it is still subject to engine oil leaks. If you are experiencing oil leakage in your Jaguar, it may be caused by one or all of the reasons discussed below.

  • Wear and tear oil seals: Oil seals are a part of the engine that keeps the oil contained to avoid spillage. Natural wear and tear on these seals can cause the oil to spill out and leak underneath your car. Regular maintenance can help you detect the wearing out of the oil seal and replace it before it causes further damage.
  • Damaged oil pan: The oil pan is located underneath the hood of your Jaguar. However, because of the location of the oil pan in your Jaguar, it is bound to be destroyed by dirt on the road. When the oil becomes damaged, the oil in it will leak. You may discover this leakage where you parked your car.
  • Damaged drain plug: The drain is found on the oil pan and is responsible for keeping oil in the pan or draining off oil from the pan when necessary. If the drain plug becomes loosened due to damage or wear, the oil will seep from the engine.
  • Faulty valve gasket: The valve gasket is an accessory that connects the engine block to the oil pan in your Jaguar. When the valve gasket becomes defective from built-up oil sludge, an engine oil leak would occur.

Symptoms of Engine Oil Leaks in Your Jaguar

An oil leak is a common sign of problems in your Jaguar. In your engine, an oil leak would mean that some components have developed some issues and is noticeable through any of these signs below.

Oil puddles underneath your car

When the engine of your Jaguar starts leaking oil, you will notice oil puddles underneath your vehicle after it has been packed. Always check underneath your car after parking for a while.

Thick smoke from the engine

When the oil in your Jaguar’s engine starts leaking, it might get into the exhaust manifold. You will notice thick smoke coming out of the engine when this happens. If this problem is left unattended for an extended period, the oxygen sensors might become compromised.

Check engine light is on

Your engine light comes on whenever there is an issue with the engine. It alerts you by illuminating the check engine light. Hence, when oil starts leaking out of the engine of your Jaguar, the check engine light will become illuminated on the dashboard.

Constant overheating of engine

An essential role of the oil found in the engine of your Jaguar is to maintain and regulate the engine’s temperature by serving as a lubricant. With an oil leakage, the engine cannot maintain a normal temperature; it will overheat.

Driving in a car with an overheated engine is very risky and can lead to more severe issues down the road. You should bring your Jaguar to our expert mechanics for a proper inspection and solution.

Visit Cerrone’s European to Repair Your Engine Oil Leaks

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