There are three main causes of an overheating engine in your Jaguar. As expert mechanics who work with luxury imports, we have seen it all. Here, we will walk through what might be the cause of your engine troubles.

The first issue we see all the time is using the wrong coolant. A little mixup like that will cause a hot engine in just a few drives. Another issue we see regularly is thermostat trouble. All the good coolants in the world can’t make it past a faulty thermostat. Last, and least appealing, you might have a hole in your coolant tank. Whatever the issue is, bring your Jaguar in to see us right away. We will spot the problem and get you back on the open road safely.

Wrong Coolant

It goes without saying that any vehicle requires a top-of-the-line coolant. Take a moment to check your manual or call up your Jaguar expert mechanic to see what kind of coolant your Jaguar requires. Don’t skimp on the small stuff. Using a cheap coolant will cost you money down the line when you end up having to clean out a clogged engine.

Once you have your coolant picked out, check your mixing technique. Coolant should be added to your vehicle as a 50/50 mix with purified water. This is an essential step. We see goopy, dirty engines all the time that need to be cleaned because someone put tap water in their coolant tank. Remember that tap water has large amounts of minerals in it, and it is sometimes referred to as “hard water”. All those minerals will solidify inside of your coolant tank and the tubing in and around your engine.

It takes a lot more time and money to clean out a calcium deposit than to mix the coolant right in the first place. If you are having trouble with this step, our technicians are happy to walk you through it or do it for you.

A Bad Thermostat

Another common problem that causes an engine to overheat is a thermometer malfunction. Your engine thermometer senses the heat of the engine and dispenses coolant accordingly. Over time, this thermometer may become inaccurate or stop working entirely. That leads to the wrong amount of coolant being dispensed or no coolant at all.

If you have tried changing your coolant and the problem persists, bring your vehicle in right away. An overheating engine is very dangerous to the driver, and this problem is not going to right itself. Thankfully, replacing the thermostat on a Jaguar is an easy and inexpensive job.

Leak in the Coolant Tank

The worst-case scenario is a leak or hole in your coolant tank. If you seem to be changing coolant all the time, this most likely is your problem. Many things can corrode or damage a coolant tank. Your car may have suffered a small collision or been exposed to extreme temperatures. Additionally, moisture might have gotten trapped under the hood and caused the metal to corrode.

Whatever the cause may be, if your car is going through more coolant than usual, you have a serious problem. You will need to get your coolant tank replaced as soon as possible to avoid possible complications.

An overheating engine can cause an engine fire, which is a very dangerous situation. Additionally, a coolant leak could damage other parts of your vehicle via corrosion. If you suspect a leak to your coolant tank, do not wait! Bring in your Jaguar immediately, for the safety of your vehicle and yourself.

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