Land Rovers are a current trend in the automotive industry for their luxury and elegance. However, these luxury cars are above all else road-ready. In addition to being luxurious and elegant, Land Rovers are also known for their durable suspension and are excellent for off-road adventures. If you don’t mind getting your Rover a bit roughed up, these cars are perfect for a range of different possible terrains. Unfortunately, sometimes we can be a little too rough, causing parts to malfunction or fail. Alternatively, parts simply become worn over time and eventually need to be replaced.


Although Land Rover suspension is durable and tough, suspension issues will inevitably come up in the future. Inspecting failed suspension parts requires skill, experience, and extensive knowledge in Land Rover engineering and design. If you own or drive a Land Rover, it is in your best interest to have a basic understanding of how suspension issues in your Land Rovermay arise and how to deal with them. The most important thing is that you get to a mechanic as soon as possible when you recognize the telltale signs of suspension problems. Here’s a little more information about the inspection process and how to detect suspension issues:

Inspecting the Struts

Your Land Rover’s strut assembly is complex, and it involves a number of different parts that need to work in-tandem in order to produce the appropriate vehicular response. When you bring your car in for suspension problems, the first thing your trusted automotive specialist will do is inspect the strut assembly. The strut assembly holds a critical role in your vehicle’s ability to turn and absorb impacts from terrain and road debris. If the strut assembly begins to fail, it can take a toll on other parts of your Land Rover, such as the tires, the transmission, and even the engine. Inspecting the struts is the first step toward diagnosing the problem correctly.

Other Potential Issues

There are other suspension-related issues that may go hand-in-hand with strut assembly problems. Since the suspension on your Land Rover is an interconnected system of working parts, it’s critical to evaluate the damages thoroughly before planning a course of action to fix the issue.

Air Suspension Leaks

Many vehicles utilize air suspension, which involves a different approach to suspension diagnostics. Since the suspension operates usually via compressor, there are a range of other issues that could be the origin of suspension problems. It isn’t unusual for air suspension to encounter leaks, especially in all-terrain vehicles such as Land Rovers that tend to absorb more impact.

Failing Shock Absorbers

As mentioned before, Land Rovers are designed to handle more intense road bumps and impacts than most vehicles. While this is an attractive feature, it may require you to pay closer attention to premature wear in shock absorbers. The tendency is for drivers to take advantage of the excellent shock absorption; however, this can greatly impact the longevity of the shock absorbers. It’s best to monitor your driving habits and consult your owners’ manual for maintenance guidelines.

Pay Attention to Symptoms

There are various symptoms that a strut assembly can exhibit, and all of them must be addressed with urgency; the problem could get worse the longer it goes unattended to, causing repair bills to become more expensive. Some common symptoms might include: knocking sounds with even slight road impacts; noticeably less smooth of a ride in the cabin; and uneven tire wear patterns. If you notice concerning symptoms in your Land Rover’s suspension, it’s important to contact your Land Rover specialist to schedule an inspection or diagnostic procedure.

The Importance of an Accurate Differential Diagnosis

Dealerships often take advantage of the general public’s lack of automotive knowledge by charging hefty costs to replace parts that don’t solve the problem in the long-run. Here at Cerrone’s European, located in Redwood City, CA, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and accuracy. We charge competitive pricing for our services and commit ourselves to treating every case with equal importance. Additionally, our client reviews speak to the level of care we provide for our community. If your Land Rover is exhibiting signs of suspension issues, please contact us to schedule an inspection appointment as soon as possible.