If your Mini Cooper has an oil leak because of a failing crank seal, do not fret. This is a common problem that Mini Cooper owners face. While a Mini Cooper’s crankshaft or crank seal is like the same part in other vehicles that are available on the market today, they do require their own special maintenance and care that should be done by a MINI expert because of their detailed German engineering. This is a repair that needs immediate attention, and you want to make sure it is addressed properly. An ongoing oil leak can cause damage to your car’s engine and shorten its lifespan.

What Is A Crank Seal?

A crank seal is usually made from polytetrafluorethylene along with a malleable elastomer sealing edge. This part can easily become corroded or damaged with age and with operation of the vehicle. This crank seal keeps dirt and debris out of the car’s engine. It helps ensure the bearings and oil in the engine stay dust-free. Dirt and dust can cause more corrosion that in turn will damage other engine parts. A substantial oil leak can occur if the crank seal is not working properly.

Crankshaft seals can be compromised by several different factors. The weather conditions where your car is located can play a major role on damaging the crank seal. Weather conditions can impact the elasticity and the seal’s overall condition. The vehicle being exposed to frequent low or frequent high temperatures or a combination of the two can lead to the material comprising the seal to decompose. Vehicles that have high mileage on them are much more likely to suffer from the failure of a crankshaft seal.

A Mini Cooper Oil Leak Can Indicate A Failing Crank Seal

One of the most telling signs of a crankshaft seal failing is an oil leak. The leak could be caused by several things, but they are most commonly associated with a leaking crankshaft seal. Because these problems often progress slowly, the oil leak might not be noticed right away. By having regular maintenance inspections performed on your Mini Cooper, you are much more likely to catch problems with the crank seal earlier. Routine maintenance can help ensure the performance of your vehicle and will extend the longevity of your vehicle and its engine.

Because many issues can cause an oil leak, they are often misdiagnosed. If the technician is not experience in handling Mini Cooper mechanical issues, a misdiagnosis is much more likely to result. Accuracy in the diagnosis of the problem and quality repair of the issue is essential to your Mini Cooper’s performance. You want to ensure you take your vehicle to a qualified Mini Cooper repair facility in your area. You want your MINI to be taken care of by a technician who has an extensive background in taking care of German-made and engineered vehicles.

The Cost Of Repairing The Crank Seal

A failing crank seal must be repaired right away. Because of the engine losing oil, further worsening problems could result if the crankshaft seal is not addressed. While some people continue to drive their vehicle with a slight oil leak, the problem will worsen and become a burden. Depending on the kind of Mini Cooper you drive, the cost of replacing a crank seal could range from a few hundred dollars to about a thousand dollars. However, it is an issue that must be fixed regardless of the cost. Without the proper repairs, you could end up damaging your vehicle’s engine. Replacing the entire engine in a MINI Cooper is much more expensive than paying for a new crank seal.

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