While you may be excited by the smooth and seamless way your Volvo’s tires can sail down the highway, that doesn’t mean you want them to be too loose for comfort. The tie rod of your vehicle is in place to ensure your wheels stay straight unless turned for a curve.

Tie rods attach to the housing of your wheels to ensure stability and smooth driving while you make your daily commute. Due to the placement of the tie rod, however, they are subjected to continuous wear and tear of the road, as they make direct impact whenever the vehicle is moving.

The tie rod end is the component that attaches the tie rod directly to the wheel, suspension, and steering components of your car. If the tie rod or tie rod end is damaged or worn, you may begin to quickly notice signs of alignment issues and instability.

Signs of Tie Rod Failure in Volvos

Tie rod damage is nearly inevitable, as the constant motion of your wheels against the road will wear on the tie rod components over time. Impact is a big factor on wearing out tie rods, but they can also suffer due to difficult terrain or just normal wear that comes with age. Symptoms of tie rod failure are very obvious and should be treated with caution and immediate care.

Vibration of the Steering Wheel or Inside the Cabin

If the tire rod can no longer efficiently hold the steering and suspension in place, the looseness will manifest as a vibration of the wheel and the cabin. The impact of driving on an already loose component will only cause the car to shake as it continues motion. As long as you are driving and causing impact to the damaged tie rod, the vibration will only continue to increase.

Poor Front End Alignment

Poor tire stability and a loose suspension will impact the alignment of your front end. The tie rod is directly related to alignment, and if it is damaged or loose, it will loosen up the front end of your car and make your car prone to drifting. Even when you are driving straight, you will notice your wheels will drift to one side or the other. Drifting due to alignment issues is dangerous and can make you more prone to accidents the less stability you have guiding your car.

Tire Wear

Because tie rod damage affects the alignment, abnormal tire wear is prone to happen. Your tires are designed to function best at a certain alignment, but when suspension is loose and your alignment is off, it can cause wear on the inner and outer edges of the tire faster than the rest of the tire. This can lead to tire flats and blow outs, which can damage your car even worse.

Loose Steering

As we’ve established, the tie rod is directly related to the steering components. This means if it is malfunctioning, your steering wheel will be loose. This can affect the stability of your steering and make you prone to drift and lose control while trying to complete turns. You will not have complete control over your steering if the wheel is loose, so it is important to seek out a trusted mechanic as soon as you notice this sign of tie rod failure.

Cerrone’s European Will Help

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