Land Rover is a well-known & distinguished brand in the automobile industry because of its stunning off-road capability. It comes with advanced technological features to provide a thrilling driving experience both on & off the beaten path. The vehicles of this brand are extremely weather-adaptable which allows owners to enjoy rides all throughout the year. So, if you are looking for a high-performance luxury vehicle fulfilling your driving needs in all the climates on all possible thoroughfares, Land Rover will be the best for your desire.

Even though, Land Rover is renowned for being one of the most reliable automotive brands, it can leave you with unsafe rides because of some reasons on the odd occasion. A defective ABS is one of the common reasons can be. Understanding the potential causes can help you identify & fix the hassle in the first place. This article outlines the causes of ABS failure so you can learn to identify any signs of issues in your vehicle.

What Is An ABS?

The ABS stands for Anti-Lock Braking System. It is a safety feature designed to prevent the wheels of your Land Rover from locking up during braking. It is there to enhance the control & stability of the vehicle, especially during emergency braking situations.

This anti-lock braking system uses sensors to monitor the rotational speed of each wheel continuously. When it detects that the wheel is about to lock up, it automatically modulates the braking pressure to that specific wheel. With continuous application & release of the brake pressure, the ABS allows the wheel to rotate, preventing it from losing traction with the surface of the thoroughfare. As long as the ABS is working fine, you can have greater steering control even while braking hard.

Not only in a sophisticated vehicle like Land Rover, rather ABS has become a standard feature in every vehicle nowadays. Since it mitigates the possibility of an accident greatly, so make sure to have a functional ABS before hitting the road surface.

Causes Of Failure

Several factors can contribute to ABS failure in Land Rovers. Let’s explore some of the common causes.

  • Malfunctioning ABS Sensor: The ABS sensor holds itself responsible for measuring the rotational speed of each wheel. When it becomes worn or dirty, it sends the wrong message to the ABS control module, leading to ABS failure. Accumulated debris, corrosion, or loose connection can be some of the reasons behind ABS sensor failure.
  • Faulty ABS Control Module: The ABS Control Module is considered the brain of the anti-lock braking system. After interpreting signals from the sensors, it activates the braking system when needed. Over time, the control module can develop faults or electrical issues, leading to ABS failure. General wear & tear, & moisture intrusion can cause the ABS module to go out of order.
  • Defective Hydraulic Pump: A functional hydraulic pump in the braking system helps maintain the appropriate brake fluid pressure & regulates the braking force accordingly during ABS activation. Thus, a defective hydraulic pump fails to regulate the brake pressure correctly, leading to an impairment of the ABS mechanism. Worn-out pump seals, contaminated brake fluid, or damaged pump motor can contribute to the hydraulic pump defectiveness.
  • Brake Fluid Contamination: Contaminated brake fluid affects the performance of the ABS adversely. Brake fluid is there to control the heat level by reducing the amount of friction between the braking components during application. However, when it gets contaminated with dirt & debris, the friction level may get increased which will lead to brake fade due to the generation of intense pressure & temperature during hard braking. Make sure to flush it periodically to avoid ABS failure at the time of extremity.

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