It is easy to get excited and carried away about that pre-owned car purchase you are about to make. As exciting as it is to be getting a car, you also want to make sure that you’re actually paying for the quality you expect.

Buying a car is a big investment, and one must actively try to make the best choice while closing that purchasing deal. This is why it is important to carry out a pre-purchase inspection before buying your new-used vehicle.

Also keep in mind that as the purchase involves a pre-owned vehicle, we strongly advise that you consult a trained mechanical expert to conduct the pre-purchase Inspection. No one buys a house without checking it out first with proper inspections, and this same level of caution should be given to the pre-owned vehicle you intend to purchase.

What does a pre-purchase inspection entail?

A pre-purchase Inspection is a detailed, independent assessment and inspection of the safety and function of a vehicle. This process is carried out by a trusted and trained professional, and for good reason. A trained eye provides you with accurate information that could determine if the car is worth buying or if you should just walk away from the deal. The pre-purchase inspection involves the test run of various parts of the vehicle such as:

  • Brakes: It’s no surprise that this comes first on our list. The brake pads ensure that you can safely stop your vehicle whenever you want to. A qualified mechanic would check the brake rotors and the brake pads for signs of extensive wear and tear. In the case of extensive damage, the whole brake pad might have to be replaced.
  • Tires and suspension: Alignment and suspension are other important aspects of the vehicle that need to be assessed. Every corner of the car will be checked to ensure that shocks are in place.
  • Engine: Engine knockings and other noises are telling signs of damage to the entire system. A qualified technician would conduct a check on all the various parts of the engine including the engine oil for leaks, ignition, filters, etc.

The Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Inspection of a Used Car

  • Maintenance Costs: Conducting a vehicle evaluation before making the purchase can greatly help to reduce future maintenance costs. Asides from the cost of repairs, you would be saving yourself the hassle and the expenses that come with frequenting the mechanic’s shop every now and then. It is more cost-effective to conduct a pre-purchase evaluation than to buy a vehicle that would require frequent repairs.
  • It Drives Negotiation: Finding the actual value of the vehicle you intend to purchase could help you potentially complete a fair negotiation on the vehicle. The process of pre-purchase inspection will also help you find out the actual value of the vehicle. As a result, you could drive down the offered price and pay the seller what the car is actually worth. In a case where the seller is unwilling to renegotiate prices, it is advisable to walk away from the deal. At least you know you weren’t deceived into paying for a vehicle that isn’t worth the price.
  • It Lets You Know if the Car is a Worthy Investment: Another benefit of a pre-purchase inspection is that it gives you a projection on whether the vehicle will be a long-term asset or a liability. Knowing the current state of the car is very integral. It would also help you ascertain the true value of the car and dictate the price it is worth.

Cerrone’s European Auto Repair for Pre-Purchase Inspections

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