A functioning water pump is vital for your Volvo’s engine. It is responsible for the flow of coolant that prevents the engine from overheating. Like any other car, your Volvo has a water pump that must function well. Otherwise, your engine will overheat and may get severely damaged.

Volvo Water pumps last at least 100,000 miles. However, your water pump may fail prematurely and pose a threat to the proper functioning of your engine. In a situation where your water pump fails, you must replace it immediately.

Reasons for Volvo water pump failure

  • Bad seal: A damaged seal is one of the most common causes of water pump failure. The seal between the engine block and the water pump housing prevents coolant leakage and excess air intake into the cooling system. The seal can fail when the vehicle is not operated for a long time, when the coolant is corrosive, or when the seal is not installed perfectly. Excess air intake into the cooling system can lead to corrosion of the pump and reduce its efficiency.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion is hard to detect, but if your water pump fails, this might be one of the reasons. Water pump corrosion is caused by poor maintenance of the coolant, incompatible coolant, presence of air bubbles that accelerate corrosion, or incorrect mixing of coolants. Corrosion reduces the efficiency of the water pump and causes further damage to other parts of the cooling system.
  • Misaligned accessory belts: Misaligned and over-tensioned belts cause an overload on the water pump’s pulley. This can lead to wearing of the pulley bearings. Replacing the worn-out belts and readjusting the tensioner is vital for the proper functioning of the water pump. The experts will help you with all the adjustments or advise you when the accessories need to be replaced.

Signs of Faulty Water Pump

  • Overheating is the most common sign of a bad water pump and can cause severe engine damage. It signals that there is a problem with the cooling system. When your Volvo suddenly starts to overheat, you must not ignore it. Avoid driving and seek immediate assistance from professionals. Otherwise, your engine will have broken cylinder heads, burnt pistons, and damaged gaskets. When you notice an elevated coolant temperature on the engine temperature gauge, it is a sign of overheating and the need to visit Volvo specialists for a replacement.
  • Steam or smoke from the hood of your Volvo might result from an overheated engine or evaporation from the radiator due to tremendous pressure on the cooling system. If this happens while you are driving, pull over, wait for the engine to cool down and take your vehicle to our repair shop.
  • Fluid leaking from underneath your Volvo could be the coolant. Coolant is usually a bright green, orange, or red fluid which should be contained within the water pump by a series of gaskets and seals. Leaks occur when the water pump gaskets and seals wear out. When you notice coolant leaks, it is best to contact our mechanics to assess the damage and replace your water pump.
  • Unusual noise coming from the front of your vehicle’s engine could be a signal of a faulty water pump. Usually, the noise is due to wear in the shafts and bearings, or loose or tight accessory belts. This noise increases when the car accelerates; if not checked early, it could lead to further costly damages.

Cerrone’s European for Repair of Your Volvo Water Pump

Getting the water pump fixed will save your car engine and money that you could spend if you let it cause further damage to your car. Look for professionals to fix your water pump. The water pump is a complicated component, so if you try to fix it yourself, you could cause significant damage to your car’s engine.

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We treat our customers with respect and consideration, and the services are performed by experienced professionals who will ensure that you get your Volvo back to the road safely. Call us today for an appointment.