When you buy a luxury vehicle like a BMW, you are paying the premium price for premium benefits. While a BMW normally delivers on the promises made when you invested in one, it is not invulnerable to damage. Every car eventually has issues with all of its parts, and this is no exception.

One of the common problems BMWs face is the failure of the ignition module. The ignition module is a vital part of your car; you need it in order to drive anywhere. It controls the timing and the functioning of your spark plugs. When it fails, you will find yourself taking a bus to your destination instead. No one wants that. To avoid that happening, you need to know what to do when you do notice it malfunctioning.

Today, you are going to learn about the warning signs of ignition module failure in a BMW, why it fails, when to have it replaced, and where to go for ignition module replacements.

Warning Signs of Ignition Module Failure

No engine power

This is the most obvious sign that your ignition module has failed. The engine will turn over, but it will not crank. To actually get it started, you will have to try several times. At that point, it isn’t worth it to even keep making an effort because the engine will die again after it cranks.


A faulty or failing ignition module will cause your engine to overheat. This can be highly dangerous because you could lose power on the road or in the middle of nowhere. The BMW vehicle will only start again after the engine has cooled off. The cycle will start again until you have the part replaced.

Problems while accelerating

If your BMW jerks or vibrates when you try to accelerate your speed, it could be because you are losing power. This is the fault of the ignition module in many cases.

Why Ignition Modules Fail

Ignition module failure in a BMW can be caused by several things. Some are more common than others, however. Let’s take a look at those common reasons:

Electronic fault

This is the most common issue that causes your vehicle’s ignition module to fail. The module itself is operated electronically, so if a fuse blows or the wiring harness gets damaged, the module goes along with it. When it gets no electric current, it can’t operate the spark plugs, and the fuel in your car will not be ignited.

Heat damage

The ignition module of your BMW is insulated with plastic. What happens to plastic when it is exposed to excessive amounts of heat? It melts. The insulation keeps the different wires from touching each other. When it does melt, they touch and get damaged further.

Wear and tear

Every part of any car will fail at one time or another. They need to be replaced at set times recommended by the manufacturer. The ignition module may simply just be in need of a replacement due to the strain put on it with your consistent driving over a period of time.

When to Have Your BMW’s Ignition Module Replaced

How often you get your vehicle’s ignition module replaced depends on what the manufacturer recommends. This can be found in your driver’s manual.

Where to Go for Repairs

When your BMW’s ignition module does fail, you need to get your vehicle inspected, diagnosed, and repaired by a qualified professional before things get worse. Any serious issue like this tends to have a domino effect, meaning that the other parts of your car will get damaged and break down the longer you put off any fixes it needs.

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