Land Rovers are exceptional vehicles designed for rough terrain as well as regular roads. The HDC system is just one of the specialized safety measures in Land Rovers that put these sport utility vehicles into a class of their own. If you own one of these exceptional vehicles you already know that you own a truly elite vehicle.

Sometimes owning an elite vehicle means that when something goes wrong, not everyone knows how to fix it. This is the case with the hill descent control system (HDC) which is a system that is was originally designed by Land Rover, and even now is only used on a few other SUVs besides Land Rovers. When the HDC system fails, you need a specially-trained technician to identify the issue and repair it for you.

Hill Descent Control System (HDC)

The HDC is used similarly to how a driver might use cruise control. The driver can turn it on and off with a switch that is usually located on the center console. But instead of setting a speed and maintaining it, the HDC recognizes when a vehicle’s speed is increased due to gravity, for example, when going down a hill. Then the HDC system utilizes the anti-lock brake system (ABS) to slow down individual wheels as needed. This keeps the wheels balanced on even steep terrain. If this system fails, your vehicle is no longer safe to drive on hills or uneven terrain.

HDC Fault System Not Available

One message that might appear as a warning in your Land Rover, is “HDC Fault System Not Available.” This might not mean that the system itself has failed. It can be triggered by other components that interact with the HDC system. However, until the reason for the error message has been identified, you should avoid driving on steep hills or uneven terrain.

Causes of HDC Error Message

1. Battery Voltage

The hill descent control system is extremely sensitive to fluctuations in the vehicle’s power supply.  If your battery is getting old, or if you live in a state where there are significant cold spells (i.e. winter) that drain the battery, your error message may be the result of low battery power.

2. Alternator

The alternator is the part of the engine that recharges the battery while the car is running. If the alternator is not working properly it may be charging the battery unevenly. This could cause an HDC Error Message.

3. Transmission

The transmission controls the gear in which the vehicle is operating. If the transmission is not working properly that will impact how the vehicle handles at different speeds and different terrains. This can impact how the HDC functions.

4. Braking System

The braking system is a critical component of the HDC system. If you are experiencing problems with your brakes, this can cause the HDC to fail. Even if the error message is not on, you should avoid driving on rough or steep terrain until you have the brake system and the HDC system checked out.

Other Signs of a Faulty HDC System

If you are driving your Land Rover, and at any time you feel that there is something not running properly, it’s important to follow up with your Land Rover service specialist as quickly as possible. The drivers of these unique and special vehicles know how they feel when they are on the road and on rough terrain. That driver’s instinct is often the first clue to diagnosing a problem with any vehicle. Fortunately, you don’t need to count on gut instinct alone. There are diagnostic tools that can identify issues within minutes.

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