Notoriously-reliable cars such as Volvo are known for their consistent dependability. Even in the best of cars, certain parts need to be replaced to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Maintenance is a normal part of being a car owner. In the case of your Volvo, one part to keep an eye on is the timing belt.

The timing belt connects the engine crankshaft to the camshaft and ensures the pistons and valves in the engine bay move as they should. The “teeth” of the timing belt are what allows the valves to open and close at the right time. Over time, those teeth can wear down and be a signal to replace the timing belt.

When to Replace Your Timing Belt

As mentioned, the teeth on your timing belt wearing down is a great sign that it is in need of replacement. However, the average driver cannot be expected to measure the teeth and know what to look for.

If you have ever seen under the hood of your vehicle, there is a black and rubbery taut material wrapped in an odd triangle shape near the engine. What you would be looking at is the timing belt. Here are a few common symptoms listed below that any driver would be able to notice.

Ticking Noise in the Engine

The timing belt is responsible for many valves and small pieces within the engine bay. If it is in need of replacement, it also means those parts may not be moving exactly how they should. When this occurs, a ticking sound may be heard coming from the engine as they pop and grind against each other.

Engine Misfire

When the pistons within the engine bay are failing to be controlled by the timing belt, they may not move at their specific time. When this happens, the engine may misfire which would be a loud and hard to miss event.

Material Loss

Since the timing belt is a literal belt, if it has become worn down overtime then excess material may be falling off as you drive. If you happen to see material under the car in your garage or driveway, specifically black and rubbery, it is probably time to replace the timing belt.

A failure to replace the timing belt can have long term consequences for your vehicle. The belt keeps your car’s parts running in sync and is crucial to overall performance. You have come to love the reliability and safety of your Volvo, so if you see any of the above symptoms, take your vehicle in.

Options for Service for Volvo Timing Belt Replacement

In Redwood City, there are numerous options for where you should take your Volvo, but there is really only one good answer: Cerrone’s European. You could try to take the car to a dealership but a timing belt is a quick fix for any qualified mechanic.

Dealing with overpriced options at a dealership is hardly a viable solution when an auto shop could be used instead. Furthermore, a specialized European shop is needed because of the part that will be required. Timing belts are not universal for all cars and European vehicles are not the same as domestics. Cerrone’s European is the best option for replacing your timing belt.

Why Cerrone’s European

At Cerrone’s European, you can trust us to give your Volvo the proper service it deserves. We understand the finer parts that go into manufacturing the reliable car you know and would be honored to restore it to that level.

We have proudly been serving clients in Redwood City, CA since 1976 and have a lengthy history servicing European brands. The third generation of the Cerrone family runs the shop. The knowledge passed down from generation to generation ensures that we can solve whatever problem you bring to the table.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by reaching out via phone. Better yet, come visit us at our location on El Camino Real and see why we have been trusted for so many years. We promise that you will be satisfied with the work we do on your vehicle. We very much look forward to earning your trust and business.