With the increasing push for user safety, Jaguar and other car manufacturers have designed systems to mitigate potential problems preemptively. Complex computer monitoring systems now guide your vehicle to prevent it from suffering damage or catastrophic failure. One of the greatest successes of computer monitoring in Jaguars is the failsafe mode. Computer monitoring and failsafe mode have positively impacted the user’s safety and can prevent costly damage to your Jaguar.

In modern vehicles, most functions are governed and analyzed by computers. Using data coming from various sensors within your vehicle, it sends data to the Engine Control Module (ECU) to be interpreted and it will perform diagnostic assessments to check if your vehicle is running properly. This includes data from the fuel system, ignition, emissions, transmission, and engine. This means if something goes wrong within these systems, it may activate the failsafe mode depending on the severity of the problem.

What is failsafe mode?

The failsafe mode is a feature added by Jaguar to reduce the risk that system failures can pose to a vehicle. When a system failure happens and failsafe mode is activated by the computer, some of the vehicle’s features will become limited, and the speed of the car will be reduced. This is an attempt by the computer to reduce the risk the failure poses to your car by limiting how far and fast you can drive. Since this feature is automated, it will kick in as soon as it senses that a system isn’t running as it should.

Given that the failsafe mode is designed to prevent further risk and damage to you and your vehicle, it is a blessing if it prevents expensive repair bills. However, it can catch you off guard and cause a lot of tense moments if you’re in the middle of a busy highway when it happens.

Below we’ve listed the signs that your Jaguar has instituted the failsafe mode to protect itself and you. If you experience these symptoms, safely pull off of the road as soon as possible and have your car towed to a Jaguar service center.

Symptoms of Failsafe Mode Activation

Although symptoms will vary, it is not hard to miss the indicators when your Jaguar goes into failsafe mode:

  • Engine Warning Light: An engine in failsafe mode will always turn on the engine warning light, along with the failsafe mode light. This can save your engine from an expensive rebuild if something like an engine mount has broken and your engine is moving around inside the bay.
  • Cruise Control: If you notice that your vehicle’s cruise control will not work, it can be indicative that the transmission has gone into failsafe mode.
  • Transmission: The transmission not shifting into a higher gear is another indicator that your Jaguar has gone into failsafe mode. The ECU will disable the transmission from shifting into higher gears to prevent your transmission and its components from having to work harder at higher speeds.
  • No-Start Condition: If the computer detects that your Jaguar is too unsafe to drive, it will do its job by preventing the vehicle from starting at all. Your Jaguar could have very serious engine, electrical, or other issues. It should be towed to Cerrone’s European for a diagnostic test and inspection.

How to Get Your Jaguar Out of Failsafe Engine Mode

The failsafe mode is designed to impede your Jaguar’s performance to protect you and your vehicle from further damage, risk, and injury. Jaguar Engine Check With that in mind, it is best you get your vehicle to a Jaguar-certified technician immediately! Our amazing technicians here at Cerrone’s European will diagnose and fix the issues causing your vehicle to go into failsafe mode.

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* Jaguar XJ Car image credit goes to: kurmyshov.