Jaguar is one of the most luxurious British multinational brands with a long historical record of high-performance vehicles. The brand manufacturer produces sporty cars with safety technologies and the best comfort you can imagine. The British automaker Jaguar recommends that owners maintain their vehicles throughout the year, with a high focus on the kind of special care that you should give your car in the warmest season of the year. Jaguar drivers can play it safe by ensuring they stick to the guides listed below on how to take care of Jaguar cars during the summer.

Proper Car Wash

Properly washing your Jaguar entails more than pouring some water on your vehicle. Washing your Jaguar directly under sunlight will cause the water to dry up and cause water spots on your Jaguar quickly. It’s crucial to look for a shady place where you can wash your vehicle.

After your ride is properly washed and ready to hit the road, continue to maintain it by ensuring you park under a car shade, in a garage, or cover with a car blanket. Then after the day trip, you can try to park in shaded spots. The less you expose your car to direct elements like rain, pollen, sunlight, and others, the better.

Below, we’ll list some tips on properly cleaning your vehicle to make it look shiny and also protect it from the summer elements.

Rinse thoroughly first

It’s advisable to rinse your car with water before you start washing your Jaguar. Rinsing your car first will help to remove debris or get them soaked so that they can be easily removed when you start washing.

Use a good sponge

When washing your car, use a washing mitt or something plush. Using clothes like rags and towels might be a bit too harsh, and you might end up having tiny scratches on your car’s body paint.

Use quality car wash soap

It is terrible to use dishwashing detergent or other types of soap not meant solely for cars like Jaguar, as they can damage your car’s protective covering.

Start washing from the top down

It’s better to start washing your Jaguar from the top. This way, you will not have to deal with parts you have washed more than once when you rinse dirty water over the already cleaned parts.

Maintenance by Cleaning

It is essential to check the major parts of your car, such as brake pads, wiper blades, and others. Use this opportunity to clean, wash, and remove debris to prevent them from getting damaged. Remember that there are some car components that should not come in contact with water; ensure these parts are protected and avoid direct sunlight to prevent rusting. Look out for a shaded place or garage to carry out your maintenance to inspect. Ensure you also examine the inside-out of your Jaguar to observe if some parts need replacements, new painting, or polishing.

Always Check Your Tires/Wheels

It’s essential to replace those winter tires with all-season tires, especially during summer, because winter tires are for snow and icy conditions. There is a probability that they will likely wear out quickly on heated roads in summer. Another very crucial thing every Jaguar driver needs to do is to check the air pressure in the morning when temperatures are low and ensure the tires of your cars are inflated based on the specifications detailed on the sticker located on the Jaguar’s door.

Allow the Certified Jaguar Experts to Examine Your Vehicle

During summer, most highways develop potholes and bumps because of the freeze-thaw action during winter. As a Jaguar driver, when you keep running into those potholes and swells, it can easily result in misalignment, which in turn causes suspension issues. When this issue arises, take your Jaguar to the Jaguar professionals at Cerrone’s European.

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