BMWs can be susceptible to the failure of the high-pressure fuel pump. The high-pressure fuel pump is an important component required for the proper functioning of your BMW. It is responsible for providing fuel at the right quantity and pressure for the smooth running of your vehicle. Thus, the failure of this pump could result in the engine malfunctioning as the delivery of the precise amount of gas needed for combustion is hampered. Oftentimes, this results in engine failure. Let’s take a closer look!

The Most Common Reasons for High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

It is important to note that there are a number of factors that may lead to the failure of the high-pressure fuel pump of your BMW automobile. These factors include:

  • Low Fuel: For the proper functioning of your BMW engine, an adequate fuel supply is essential. When the level of fuel in the tank becomes critically low, the fuel pump overworks itself while supplying fuel to the engine. The continuous straining of the pump may ultimately lead to the failure of the pump.
  • Fuel Contamination: Sometimes, fuel may contain contaminants and debris which tend to make it into your fuel system. The little particles of debris that often get pumped into the fuel tank would clog the pump, thereby causing low pressure. Although the fuel filter is meant to filter these contaminants, these filters can only filter larger particles of debris. Hence, smaller particles usually make it past the filter and subsequently wreak havoc to the high-pressure fuel pump.
  • Clogged filters: The filter is meant to prevent contaminants from making it to the engine. Once this fuel is contaminated and the contaminants make it past filters, it goes on to block other components in the fuel system, including the high-pressure fuel pump. Ultimately the contaminants in the fuel system results in reduced performance, causing sluggish acceleration.

Symptoms of Failure in the High-Pressure Fuel Pump

There are signs to look out for in order to determine if the high-pressure fuel pump of your BMW is failing. If you notice any of the symptoms discussed below, it is a clear indication that your pump is failing. These signs include:

  • Delayed engine start: When you begin to experience difficulties starting your engine, it is a clear indication that your high-pressure fuel pump is not supplying the right amount of gas and pressure required for the smooth running of the engine. If you experience constant delay while trying to start your vehicle, then you should get your car checked out for a possible fuel pump failure.
  • Engine Surge: A sudden surge in your engine while your vehicle accelerates is a result of a sudden increase or decrease in the fuel pressure going into the engine. While driving, you may experience a sudden rise in speed or sometimes, your BMW engine may misfire. This is a result of a sudden increase or decrease in fuel pressure. If your BMW engine surges regularly, then it is a clear indication that the engine is not receiving the right amount of pressure needed for it to perform optimally, hence, a clear symptom of a possible failure of the high-pressure fuel pump.
  • Poor fuel economy: Reduced fuel economy is another indication of a defective high-pressure fuel pump. A failing fuel pump may send excess fuel than what is required causing the engine to burn off more fuel during combustion. Consequently, your vehicle fuel efficiency would drop.

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