Land Rovers are high-tech, all-terrain vehicles that are sought after on today’s vehicle market. A driver of a Land Rover expects nothing but the best from their luxury sports utility vehicle. The Land Rover is susceptible to damage within its engine. One example of something that could go wrong is a cracked intake manifold gasket.

The intake manifold gasket is a critical part of your Land Rover’s engine system. It helps to prevent air leaks from happening during combustion. It also partially regulates the temperature on the inside of the engine chamber.

This crucial vehicle part is important for both vehicle operation and the overall safety of your driving experience. It is one of the main working parts of managing the gas-powered explosions that happen in your Land Rover’s engine.

The intake manifold directs oxygen from its environment to your Land Rover’s engine to help create combustion. The gasket of this car part is located between the cylinder heads and the intake pipe. Its purpose is to prevent the air that is directed into the engine from leaking.

If this air were to leak due to a crack in the intake manifold gasket, it would limit the engine’s efficiency. This is because air leaks disrupt the fuel-air ratio required to keep Land Rover engines running the way that they should.

Common Problems Associated With A Cracked Intake Manifold Gasket

There are a few typical problems that can happen with a cracked intake manifold gasket. These include the following:

  • Coolant leaks: Gasket coolant is pressurized. Thus, if the gasket takes significant damage or cracks, it is more difficult for this seal to keep the coolant contained. This problem can get even worse because of the dirt and debris that is often in coolant solution. If the issue gets worse, air can leak out or in, increasing corrosion
  • Overheating engine: As coolant leaks out of the gasket, the engine won’t be able to regulate temperature as it was designed, making it more susceptible to overheating.
  • Poor fuel mileage/rough idling: The air and fuel in your engine have to be able to mix in the proper ratios to optimize function. When this mixture becomes disrupted and incorrect, the engine then has to work much harder to work properly, especially at the level of performance a Land Rover does. This can then cause rough idling, issues accelerating, and worsened gas mileage.

Reasons for Cracks in Intake Manifolds

Like any part of your Land Rover’s engine, the intake manifold gasket is subjected to extreme temperatures and wears out over time. However, some types of gaskets are more likely to crack due to their material.

Most modern engines are manufactured with plastic intake manifolds. Plastic not only saves on cost and weight, but also conducts heat more efficiently than other materials. In turn, this lowers temperatures of air inside the engine for a better air-to-fuel ratio. Plastic, despite its perks of being used for intake manifold gasket material, is more likely to crack than other materials just by its nature. Some typical causes of a plastic intake manifold gasket crack are over-tightening the fasteners, overheating, vibration, or even an engine backfire.

A cracked intake manifold gasket likely won’t cause an engine failure, but it does result in significant issues, as described earlier. If you notice any of the above listed problems, it’s time to take your Land Rover to a trained mechanic.

Cerrone’s European: Your Land Rover’s Experts

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Our certified mechanics will be more than happy to assist you in repairing your cracked or leaky intake manifold gasket. If you’re experiencing problems with this part of your Land Rover, come see us today and experience the Cerrone’s difference.