If the automatic transmission of your Jaguar becomes faulty, your car may begin to jerk during acceleration and the gears may downshift and change without your input. This is a very risky condition on the road that needs immediate attention.

If you notice heavy jerking of your car while driving, then there is a problem with the automatic transmission. Transmission jerking usually occurs when the transmission fluid is low and requires a refill. When the transmission fluid circulates through the system, it allows the gears to switch smoothly without jerking.

The jerking of your Jaguar’s automatic transmission is the first indicator that there is an issue with the transmission. There are other indicators that you should be aware of because they will alert you of a possible transmission problem. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of a jerky transmission in your Jaguar.

Transmission Parts are Worn Out

There are many sets of gears, clutches, and bands in an automatic transmission that enable seamless gear shifting. When one of these bands wears out, the shifting becomes jerky. You may also notice that the engine revs up after it should have changed gears as a result of the jerking.

Clogs in the Transmission Filter

The transmission filter, as the name implies, filters out any stray particles in the fluid. It works in the same way as your car’s oil filter. The key distinction is that oil is used to lubricate the moving parts, but transmission fluid behaves more like hydraulic fluid, producing force through hydraulic pressure to change gears in your vehicle.

If foreign particles enter the transmission fluid, the pressure will be off, and the sites of friction will eventually cause transmission system damage. When the filter becomes clogged, the pressure is cut off in irregular ways, resulting in erratic gear changing and jerking. Jaguars are built to work smoothly, and every time they malfunction, the harm can spread to other parts of the vehicle.

Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid can cause severe jerking in your car. This occurs when there is insufficient fluid to generate the hydraulic pressure required to engage with the gears as they shift. When your Jaguar tries to shift gears automatically with very little pressure, the transmission will jerk.

Checking the level of transmission fluid in your Jaguar is a simple task that you can do at home. The fluid needs to be warm before checking the transmission level. If the fluid level is adequate and the car is still jerking, then the issues would likely be in another part of the vehicle.

Erratic Shifting

If you want to prevent costly repairs, you have to take your car to a trained technician as soon as you discover shifting issues and request that they check your transmission fluid levels first. If you are low on fluid, this is a simple and inexpensive problem. It is a good idea to get your transmission fluid filter checked.

In general, changing your fluid and filter together is a smart idea. If your car still doesn’t work properly after these adjustments, you’ll most likely need a more expensive solenoid or other transmission repairs.

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