Land Rover enthusiasts trust that their vehicle is built to last. Although Land Rovers are one of the most reliable on the market, owners should regularly monitor their vehicle to ensure it is performing at its best.

One common reason Land Rovers are brought in for repairs is due to engine fuel leaks, and owners should be aware that Land Rovers have been recalled for engine fuel leaks in the past. Fuel leaks can pose a significant danger and should not be taken likely, so keeping an eye out for the signs and causes of fuel leaks can prevent damage from progressing.

Signs of Engine Fuel Leak

You should be able notice a possible fuel leak by paying attention to these signs during regular use.

Your Land Rover is not performing as expected

If your vehicle functions fine while moving at low speeds on flat roads but starts to have trouble reaching highway speeds or going up hills, you may suspect a fuel leak. Minor leaks may allow your Land Rover to function normally under easy conditions, but performance will trail off as demand for fuel increases. Also, pay attention to how often you are having to visit the gas pump. If you notice that you need to refuel more frequently than usual, then you might have an engine that is leaking fuel.

Your Land Rover will not start

There are a variety of reasons that your Land Rover may have trouble starting. If you encounter this problem, look for other signs of engine fuel leak to help narrow down the causes.

You smell gasoline around your Land Rover

The scent of gasoline around your vehicle should be a cause for concern. Be aware of your environment. Gasoline fumes are common outside of gas stations, and another vehicle may be responsible if you smell gas around your vehicle in a parking lot. However, if the smell persists on the road and at home, then you should be concerned about a fuel leak.

You notice pools of fuel under your Land Rover

You should always investigate any fluid accumulating underneath your vehicle. Gasoline will appear yellow or clear and have its characteristic smell. Keep in mind that there are other vehicle fluids that commonly leak as well. Coolant will be red or blue. Black, viscous fluid will tip you off to an oil leak. Water will commonly pool under cars with regular use of a functioning air conditioner and should be no cause for concern. It will be scentless.

Reasons Your Engine May Be Leaking Fuel

Once you suspect that your Land Rover may be leaking fuel, you may want to try identifying the source of the leak. The following are few of the most common causes of fuel leaks to assist you in finding a cause.

Problems with the fuel distribution rail

The caps at the end of the fuel distribution rails at the back of your engine may not be properly sealed, causing fuel to leak in the engine bay. This specific problem prompted the recall of 2018 model Land Rovers. You may notice the smell of gasoline if this is your problem. If you notice this, you should take in your vehicle right away. Due to the engine bay’s proximity to ignition sources, gasoline flooding into the engine bay could pose a fire risk.

Loose connections between fuel pump and engine

The bolt that attached the high-pressure fuel pump to the engine may be too long, loose, or not secure. This may cause your car to have trouble starting.

Puncture or corrosion of the fuel tank

This problem rarely manifests spontaneously. Usually, punctures come from some source of trauma to your vehicle, such as an accident or impact from road debris. Reflecting on hazardous road conditions you may have recently encountered may point to this source. Fuel tank corrosion is less common but may be a consideration for older vehicles.

How to Fix an Engine Fuel Leak

If you notice these signs and suspect that your engine may be leaking fuel, the problem will need to be fixed by a professional. The danger of handling fuel near engine ignition sources should not be taken lightly, and the diagnosis and repair of these leaks is better handled by those with experience.

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