Jaguar vehicles have been widely recognized for their class and high performance for over 70 years, particularly by the British royal family. Even drivers used to the finest things in life prefer these cars over several other brands. You can bet that Jaguars are reliable and live up to their reputation, but they aren’t invincible. Jaguars can suffer damage just like any other car on the market. One of the more common issues that they face is coolant reservoir failure. This can have serious consequences for your car if the problem isn’t addressed in time.

We don’t want you to spend more time and money than necessary, so we’re going to discuss the warning signs of coolant reservoir failure, why it happens, and where you can go for top-quality service.

The Purpose of a Coolant Reservoir in a Jaguar

The coolant reservoir in a Jaguar serves a simple purpose: it holds the coolant that your car needs to run at optimal temperatures. The coolant system is located in the engine, and proper levels of coolant are necessary to prevent overheating and damage.

Warning Signs of Coolant Reservoir Failure

When your coolant reservoir fails in your Jaguar, there will be a few red flags present to catch your attention before the problem gets out of hand. Let’s take a look at the most common three:

The most obvious sign that your coolant system is not working properly is the overheating of your Jaguar’s engine. The entire purpose of coolant is to prevent this from happening. While this could be happening for several reasons involving various coolant system parts, the reservoir system is a likely culprit.

A damaged coolant reservoir system will cause the coolant to leak from your car. You may notice this in a couple of different ways:

  • A sweet smell can be present. Unlike oil or gasoline, coolant smells sweet. No other substance in your Jaguar should smell like this. It will be more noticeable while you are driving, but you may be able to root out the issue while parked as well.
  • There will be a colorful substance pooled underneath your car. Coolant comes in many colors including being pink, blue, red, orange, green, and yellow. Oil is a deep brown/black and gasoline is clear or clear-yellow. A colorful liquid indicates that coolant is leaking. Check underneath your car while parked occasionally for any leaks.

The third major sign that the coolant reservoir is failing is that you find yourself filling up on coolant more than you should. This is based on your average drive time and on your individual needs. Your coolant should be completely changed every 30,000 miles.

Reasons Behind Coolant Reservoir Failure

Your Jaguar’s coolant reservoir can fail for several reasons, but there are two that are more common. First, average wear and tear can cause your coolant reservoir to leak. Every car part eventually wears down, depending on how much you have driven. This is normal and inevitable. Read your driver’s manual and monitor how often it is recommended for you to get your coolant system repaired and the reservoir replaced.

Second, overheating in your Jaguar can cause the plastic coolant reservoir tank to crack or wear down more quickly than it should. When this happens, the coolant left in the tank leaks out and causes damage to the engine, which in turn creates more heat. It’s a vicious cycle and ends in extensive and potentially expensive repairs.

Where to Go for Jaguar Repairs

It’s crucial to have your coolant reservoir replaced and your coolant system repaired before this domino effect happens and drains your wallet and your patience. You need a qualified team of automotive technicians to fix the issues your Jaguar is experiencing.

If you are facing these problems in your Jaguar, the team at Cerrone’s European can help you get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. We’ve been in the business of repairing vehicles for over 40 years. With so much experience, you will be relieved to know that you are trusting the best of the best with your intricate, high-performance car. We service the communities surrounding Redwood City, CA. You can rely on Cerrone’s for all your repair, maintenance, and servicing needs. Call us today at (650) 365-4145.