Having a flat tire in your BMW is such an unwanted inconvenience, especially in the middle of a busy schedule. A tire blowout is capable of causing harm to both the car and its passengers. This is why it is an issue that must be strongly avoided. Let’s look at some of the factors that may lead to the inconvenient problem of a flat tire in your BMW.

The Most Common Causes for a Tire Blow Out

An awareness of these popular causes of tire blowouts will better help you understand and interpret the situation, and help you make clear decisions. Here are some of the most common causes of a flat tire:

  • Sharp Objects: Sharp objects are a typical reason for damaged tires. Any sharp objects such as nails, glass, screws, or any other forms of sharp junk material can lead to a tire blowout or the occurrence of flat tires. When a tire is punctured by a sharp object, air will gradually leak from it until the tire is flat. This problem is mostly avoidable and can be prevented by making sure to drive cautiously around places like construction zones, debris, poorly-maintained roads, and avoiding parking at places where you can see trash.
  • Heat: High temperatures are also another reason for flat tires, especially during summer. Due to the heat in the summer, the tires expand and have more internal pressure as they have direct contact with the roads. A tire with too much air pressure can have a blowout. In order to avoid this, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer-recommended air pressure and maintain it. Also, checking tires before hitting the road in the summer and avoiding the use of over-inflated tires will help prevent this.
  • Valve Stem Failure: Sometimes, there may be no signs of puncture on a tire and it could still go flat. In cases like this, one should look at the valve system. The valve system of the tire is where you inflate An improperly-capped valve or a blockage can cause a leak or puncture. Sometimes, slow leaks are caused by a faulty valve stem. These can be inexpensively replaced.
  • Bad Tire Conditions: Continuous wear and tear of your tire will eventually wear it down and make it more vulnerable to serious driving hazards. You can prevent your tires from being damaged even in bad road conditions by driving slowly and trying to keep a distance from cars ahead to prevent unknowingly getting into potholes. Also maintain your recommended tire pressure and align your wheels regularly and check the tire tread
  • Tire Pressure: Appropriate tire pressure is also an important factor that could determine the tire’s lifespan and the risks associated with getting a flat tire. The necessity of handling a vehicle properly maneuvering in emergencies and the proper inflation all play an important role in determining how much control a driver has over a car. Tire sizes and pressures are recommended by manufacturers and every user must make sure that the recommended tire pressure is sustained at all times To have a safe ride, tires must be properly inflated. Without proper inflation, tires can become internally damaged, and cause severe road crashes. Tire pressure should be checked at least once a month.
  • Poor Driving: If you drive aggressively, this will take its toll on your tires, no matter how strong they are. Harshly negotiating lane changes, spinning your tires at green lights, and driving carelessly over road debris increases the exposure of your tires to damage. An accumulation of poor driving leads to weak tires and may cause a blowout.

Cerrone’s European will Care for Your Tires

Your tires must be serviced and replaced, like your engine oil and spark plugs. We know it can be inconvenient when it is due for these car maintenance events. However, by performing these types of upkeep, it will keep you safe on the road so you can enjoy your BMW in its top condition. At Cerrone’s European in Redwood City, CA, we are ready to help you service and maintain your vehicles. We utilize the latest equipment available, and our ASE certified technicians receive ongoing training so we are constantly at the top of our game. Call us today to make a convenient appointment.