Volvo perfectly combines style and function and wraps it in a performance bow. Everyone can enjoy this brand, from stylish moms to business executives to large families, Volvo is the optimal choice. Volvo as a manufacturers continues to evolve in technology and design. The classic old- school classics are still favorites among enthusiasts, as are the current sporty editions. Volvo is truly the mark of seasoned luxury.

As high-class as the Volvo is, drivers still experience issues that impact their cars performance. The most common across the board is a faulty HVAC compressor. Hop on any blog or online forum, and you’ll see many Volvo owners going through the same issues. Unfortunately, this problem makes your driving experience extremely uncomfortable, especially during the hot summer months. It may even prevent you from wanting to drive your Volvo for an extended period of time.

If you own a Volvo and want to learn the causes of HVAC failure, this article is designed specifically for you. We’ll first consider what role the HVAC compressor plays in your Volvo’s performance, then discuss signs of damage and how to address them.

What role does your hvac compressor play?

Your HVAC compressor provides cool air to the inside of your car. This nifty feature comes in handy during blistering hot days. It takes coolant and evenly distributes it throughout your vehicle. Unfortunately, when this piece isn’t working, drivers have to rely on natural air to maintain their internal comfort. This makes for a miserable driving experience during the heat waves of summer.

What are the signs of a failed HVAC compressor?

One of the most obvious signs of HVAC failure is lack of cool air. If you attempt to turn your air on and notice hot air blowing out, it’s crucial to get your car checked out immediately. Issues with your refrigerant is one of the contributing factors to compressor failure.

Hot air blowing and unusually loud sounds coming from your HVAC compressor are common signs of trouble. When your HVAC compressor is working overtime to deliver cold air, this foretells eventual failure. To avoid a complete lack of cool air, schedule your routine servicing immediately.

Surprisingly, a clutch that won’t move is a key indicator of HVAC compressor failure. Every part of your car works together to deliver a comfortable driving experience. The clutch communicates with the engine, and the engine delivers power to other parts of the vehicle. If you begin to notice issues with your clutch, it’s key to get your Volvo checked out immediately. This prevents eventual HVAC compressor failure.

How to Address HVAC Compressor Failure

It’s hard to avoid issues with your HVAC compressor, even if you maintain your car on a tight schedule. Since there are no concrete steps you can take to completely prevent failure, it’s key to learn preventive tips and tricks.

The primary way to prevent this issue is to keep up with your routine service appointments. Since Volvo falls under the category of luxury, it’s key to find a trusted mechanic who understands the brand in its entirety. Next, pay attention to what you’re putting in your vehicle. This includes everything from oil to fuel. If you take the cheaper route and put cheap products into your engine and its components, you’ll get cheap results.

Mechanics suggest to turn off your AC before turning off your car for optimal performance. This extends the lifespan of your HVAC compressor and keeps it fresh. Next, avoid turning your AC on and off erratically. Keep your car consistent and you’ll notice an immediate difference in performance.

Finding a mechanic who understands your Volvo specifically is key. They’ll have the tools to diagnose potential problems before they worsen. Relying on your mechanic to address these issues also saves money on costly replacements down the line. Should you let your HVAC compressor completely fail, you may have to dish our hundreds of dollars for a new replacement. For Volvo’s, those prices could exceed well into the thousands.

How We Can Help

Cerrone’s European proudly serves Redwood City, CA and the surrounding communities. We’ll diagnose the condition of your HVAC compressor and provide a thorough repair. You’ll feel confident driving your Volvo, knowing that your HVAC compressor is in excellent condition.