The starter bush is one of the many parts on a vehicle that, despite being so small that many have never heard of it, its failure can mean the car simply no longer works. With that in mind, we’d like to take the time to discuss the starter bushings and what symptoms to look for in your Land Rover.

Land Rovers are known for delivering outstanding performance as long as every component works properly. One of the systems that may occasionally experience trouble is the starter, which is necessary to get your Land Rover’s motor running.

One of the components of the starter motor is the starter bush. It is made from rubber or polyurethane. Some are made of silver or brass. They are a cylindrical shape. The bushing is supported at the end of the starter motor shaft, and it helps to dampen vibration and noise as well as allow for flex. It absorbs impact, prevents damage to the starter motor components, and keeps the starter motor shaft aligned.

The starter bush is a small yet an essential component that most mechanics hardly notice. However, a depleted starter bush will cause your Land Rover’s engine to fail to crank. This can not only leave you stranded, it can also lead to a lot of guesses of where the problem lies when dealing with less skilled mechanics.

In most cases, corner-store mechanics will resort to replacing the entire starter motor, forcing you to spend unnecessary extra cash without an assurance of a perfectly-functioning starter motor.

This scenario is a great example of why it is best to have your Land Rover checked by specialized mechanics to restore your vehicle to a perfect working condition. While a less skilled mechanic might miss the starter bush and replace the whole starter, a Land Rover expert, who is certified to work on your make and model, will know about this important component and look for it when they hear about the symptoms your Land Rover is experiencing.

Symptoms of Depleted Starter Bushings

Depleted starter bushes do not have obvious symptoms to the layman. This is why many mechanics often find it’s a difficult part to diagnose. However, there are symptoms that will lead an experienced mechanic to check whether the starter bushing is the culprit in your Land Rover. Some of the symptoms you can keep an eye out for include:

  • Grinding noise when the vehicle starts or runs: Depleted starter bushes can cause the starter gears to misalign causing the grinding noise. The problem can lead to more severe mechanical damage if not checked right away.
  • Slow start: If your Land Rover takes unusually long to turn over, it may be an indicator of depleted starter bushings. Similarly, this is a sign of low battery You can turn on interior lights or headlights to see if they work properly. In the case that they work properly, the battery is okay but there might be a problem with the starter motor.
  • The starter engages but the engine doesn’t turn: Assuming that your battery is fully charged, if the engine fails to crank, it can mean a number of things. It could be a broken bushing, bad bearings, or disengaged teeth in the starter or ring gears. This can cause the starter motor to lack enough torque to crank the engine. This is where it becomes important for your mechanic to have the experience and understanding to be able to pinpoint the starter bush as the issue.

Cerrone’s European for Your Starter Bushes

Starter bushes problems are hard to diagnose since they share common symptoms with other starter system malfunctions. For this reason, you need your Land Rover checked and repaired by experienced mechanics. This will not only assure a perfect service but also save you money. Cerrone’s European is a reputable European service center in Redwood City, CA.

We specialize in Land Rovers and other European vehicles. We are an independently-owned business with enough skilled and experienced mechanics. Our technicians are ASE-certified and strive to provide quick, quality, & affordable service.

If you suspect any starter problem with your Land Rover, do not hesitate to call or to visit our shop at 2306 El Camino in Real Redwood City, California!