Land Rovers are known for their sleek designs and the luxurious comfort of their interior with endless amenities. One of these amenities includes a sunroof that is designed to allow fresh air and light into the car’s cabin. The sunroof can be covered by a movable panel when you do not wish to use it. Over time, your sunroof is subject to normal wear and tear as well as damage due to the outer elements. It may begin leaking for several reasons.

Clogged Drains

Land Rover’s sunroofs are equipped with gutters that are designed to allow water to drain into tubes, which are conveniently placed at each corner of the sunroof. The water drains into plastic tubing into the body of the vehicle and then out onto the ground.

These tubes are narrow and can easily become clogged with small pebbles, dirt, and even pine needles. Because of this, the water is unable to adequately drain. This causes rain water, melted snow, and water from car washes to backup. The water will drip into your vehicle. It can cause electrical problems along with moisture issues such as mold and mildew growth on your interior fabrics.

Loose Rubber Edges

The sunroof placed into your Land Rover is equipped with a watertight rubber seal around the glass. Over time, this rubber seal may become loose, damaged, or cracked. The natural elements lead to degradation of the rubber seals which leaves just enough space for water to seep through into the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

Operator Error

Whether manual or automatic, it is important to understand how to properly open and close your vehicle’s sunroof. You may not know how to operate the sunroof or you may simply forget to close the sunroof altogether. Both lead to inevitable leaking into your luxurious interior.

Warning Signs of a Leaking Sunroof

There are many signs to alert you to a problem with your vehicle’s sunroof including air coming into your Land Rover while you are driving. Worn, damaged, or broken seals around the sunroof of your Land Rover allow air to pass through. This air can be heard within the passenger cabin. Not only does this create an unpleasant ride, but it also is very uncomfortable on days where it is excessively hot or cold.

Your sunroof may not open or close properly. Without a properly working sunroof, you cannot enjoy all that your Land Rover has to offer. If you suspect your sunroof won’t close, bring it to our Land Rover experts before the weather can wreak havoc with your interior and electrical system.

Can you avoid damage from a leaky sunroof?

Over time, your sunroof will inevitably be exposed to normal wear and tear. This is unavoidable. However, there are ways you can help to avoid premature wear. Parking your vehicle outside where it is exposed to the natural elements, specifically beneath a tree, opens your sunroof’s drains to leaves, pine needles, nuts, and other small objects to clog the plastic tubes of your drainage system. When you park in a garage or underneath a covered carport, you are providing protection for your Land Rover’s sunroof.

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