When oil starts to leak from your Jaguar’s engine, it is important to get the issue repaired right away. The oil is important to many functions within your car, including helping the engine work well and keeping it cool. Once the engine oil leaks out, it is no longer able to do its job and can cause the engine to seize and leave you stranded.

There are several reasons why your engine oil may start to leak on your Jaguar. All of them need to be checked out by a licensed mechanic to make sure the problem is fixed and your Jaguar works as designed. Some of the most common reasons that your engine oil is leaking includes those listed below.

Punctured Oil Pan

It is possible for the oil pan in your car to get punctured from sharp debris from the road. The oil pan is close to the ground, so if you run over an object in the road while going fast, the oil may start to leak. The gasket seal that helps the oil inside may get damaged and can cause a leak. When the oil pan is damaged like this, you need to replace it.

Too Much Oil

Car owners need to consider routine oil changes. This will help the engine stay healthy and may prevent damage. But if you get the changes done in the wrong auto repair shop, it can mean your oil pan gets too much oil. Over-filling of the oil can be a big reason for oil leaking. There is a fill line for motor oil, and our professionals will make sure your oil is never above this line to prevent leaks.

Corroded or Worn-out Seals

The engine’s oil circuit is considered an in-and-out system. This means that the oil will enter into the top of the engine. It can then escape through the bottom for oil changes or when a leak occurs. In the process, there are a few seals and gaskets that help the oil stay inside the engine while adding the necessary pressure. As long as the gaskets work well, the oil will stay where its supposed to be without a problem.

Over time, the gaskets and seals will start to wear out in your Jaguar, just as with any other car. This is normal wear and tear. If the car owner takes the time to complete routine maintenance, they will be able to catch these problems in time and replace the gaskets before they get worn out.

Conversely, if the issue is not found, the gasket will wear out enough that oil will leak right out. The good news is that these gaskets and seals are easy to replace, and one of our certified mechanics can complete it for you quickly.

Recognizing an Oil Leak

A Jaguar owner should be able to recognize an oil leak pretty quickly. Oil under the engine on the ground or inside the engine’s compartment is a sign that oil is leaking and it needs to be fixed soon. Sometimes these leaks are hidden inside the compartment and do not drip on the ground. So, if you notice that you need to top off the oil often, take this as another sign to bring your Jaguar in for professional inspection at a trusted service center.

How to Fix Engine Oil Leaks

The best way to fix engine oil leaks, no matter what the cause, is to visit our qualified mechanics. We can do a full inspection on your car to see where the oil leak is coming from and then fix it before there is more damage to your Jaguar. Do not delay when you notice engine oil leaking. Bring it to one of our mechanics who will diagnose the exact source of the leak and advise you how to proceed with the recommended repairs.

At Cerrone’s European in Redwood City, CA, our licensed mechanics can help answer your questions and fix any oil leaks in your Jaguar. Contact us today to set up your convenient appointment. We look forward to earning your repeat business for all your Jaguar maintenance and service needs.