Causes Behind Control Module Failure in Audi Cars

Driving an Audi is an honor for those who get to experience what it’s like to be behind the wheel of one. German-made cars such as Audi have exceptional engineering and design behind them, making them some of the most highly desired vehicles in the automotive industry for decades. Known for their luxury and efficiency, some of the most critical aspects of their functioning are the advanced electrical components that make them such outstanding performers. That’s why when electrical components fail or begin experiencing problems, it can be devastating for Audi drivers.

Control modules are critical to the overall performance in any vehicle, let alone highly advanced ones like Audi cars. There are many different types of control modules throughout your vehicle that fine-tune its performance ability by catering to the unique needs of the engine and other various components. While cars can experience problems with different control modules, such as the ABS control module, body control module, and traction control module, the engine control module (ECM) is one of the most important to your Audi’s functioning. In this article, we’ll talk more about what the ECM does for your Audi and how you can keep it from experiencing failure.

What does the Engine Control Module Do for Your Audi?

Also referred to as the engine control unit (ECU) or powertrain control module (PCM), the ECM is essentially a circuit board or computer that is comprised of hardware and installed with software that is specifically coded for your Audi’s optimal performance.

Most Typical Signs of Failure

Issues can arise in your Audi’s ECM that reflect the same symptoms of other more mechanically derived issues, such as odd engine sounds and rough running. It’s important to pay attention to these symptoms so that you can keep a record of them and take them to your Audi specialist for diagnosis.

Engine Performance Issues

ECM failure can lead to other engine performance problems that are highly concerning, such as misfiring and stalling. It is also common to experience diminished power capacity, usually apparent upon acceleration, and lowered fuel economy.

Starting Issues

Starting issues are perhaps one of the most stressful symptoms of ECM failure. If the ECM fails, the engine cannot receive the necessary information from the computer, which immediately disables its ability to start.

Check-Engine Light

While most drivers dread the check-engine light, it provides especially helpful information to your reliable Audi specialist. An automotive professional will be able to read the trouble codes emitted and locate the source of the problem.

What Causes ECM Failure in an Audi?

There are a number of reasons why the ECM fails in Audi cars, specifically the Audi A4 models.

Old Age

As cars accrue mileage and wear, it’s common for electrical components to deteriorate and technology to lose its power. Essential wiring can become faulty, leading to electrical shortages and other parts failing in a chain reaction of events. Staying on top of maintenance can keep these problems at bay for much longer, and save you money in repairs down the line.


When the internal elements of your car, particularly electronic parts, are exposed to moisture, parts can begin to corrode. The electronic fuel solenoid is another avenue for corrosion to enter the ECM system, leading to failure and usually causing starting problems. Since many different origin issues can create starting problems, it’s critical to have an Audi expert diagnose the problem.

How to Properly Diagnose the Source of the Problem

As previously mentioned, hiring an Audi specialist to Black AUDI S4 handle your electrical issues is essential for it’s overall longevity and performance. Furthermore, when you obtain the best quality maintenance and repair services for your Audi, you’ll save money in extensive repair work over the entire life of the car. The Audi experts here at Cerrone’s European in Redwood City, CA, make it their mission to provide the highest quality care and skill to clients. If you are experiencing engine performance issues or starting problems, it’s important to have your Audi inspected and diagnosed quickly. Since electrical issues are often difficult to diagnose, this problem can take time to fix. Please call us right away to schedule an appointment and help the process go a little quicker. It is our passion and duty to provide the best, most affordable and most accurate care for your Audi.

* Black AUDI S4 image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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