Reasons For Your Audi’s Check Engine Light in Real Redwood City

A variety of problems can trigger your Audi’s check engine light (CEL). Not to be confused with the service engine soon (SES) light, the CEL is designed to warn the driver of any issues involving the engine or its associated parts and systems. The light is controlled by the ECU (engine control unit), your Audi’s main onboard computer. When it triggers the CEL to illuminate, the ECU will also send out a diagnostic trouble code, also known as a fault or error code, which can be translated using diagnostic tools to get to the heart of the problem much more easily.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why your Audi’s check engine light may illuminate.


Even if you somehow manage to overlook the illumination of the CEL on your Audi’s dashboard, you’ll be hard-pressed to ignore some of other symptoms that commonly come with illumination such as:

If the problem is only very minor, or in the rare case of a false illumination, you may not notice these symptoms, such is why keeping an eye on the warning lights of your dashboard is so important.

Two Types of Warning Light

Your CEL will illuminate in two different ways. Either the light will remain on, or it will flash off and on. Let’s take a look at what both of these mean.

1. Check engine light remains on

When the CEL light is triggered but remains on and doesn’t flash, then while your Audi does have an issue that needs investigating, it is likely to be one that is more minor or is in its early stages. This is not a free pass to ignore the light, however, as given time the CEL will likely start to flash.

2. Flashing check engine light

When the CEL is flashing, it means your engine has a more serious issue. You should respond to this light immediately. If you want to take the risk, slowly drive your Audi to an experienced auto repair shop. Ideally, though, you should pull over and turn off the engine, and wait for roadside recovery.

It is also important to remember that the SES light and the CEL are two different warning lights. The service engine soon light looks like a little wrench and acts as a reminder to the driver to have their engine serviced. It doesn’t indicate any issue with the engine.

Common Reasons for Check Engine Light Illumination

As your Audi’s engine is made up of a variety of parts and systems, there can be a wide range of reasons as to why the ECU has detected a problem and has illuminated the CEL. Many of these issues will send error code P0440. The first problem to always rule out is the gas cap, as a loose or broken cap will trigger the light and is easy to fix. Other issues that will need the help of a mechanic include:

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