Reasons Behind Engine Misfires in Your Audi

Audis are powerful vehicles that are built for top performance. They are among the top-rated vehicles in their class and will always offer you a driving experience like none other. Each Audi is built in a unique way and showcases a sleek interior that matches the beautiful exterior. Under the hood of every Audi, you will find an engine that is all about the performance.

However, after owning your Audi for a longer period of time, you may notice that the engine is misfiring. It is important to repair this issue as soon as you notice it. In this article, we will discuss engine misfires and explain some common reasons behind it.

What is an engine misfire?

In order for the engine of your Audi to run properly, it requires 3 elements: fuel to ignite, oxygen to burn, and a spark to ignite everything. As you know, the fuel comes from the fuel tank and mixes with oxygen in order for the engine to function. This fuel and oxygen mixture is then ignited. This combustion cycle is what allows your Audi to properly run. If any of these three components are off or misaligned on their timing, an engine misfire will occur.

The solution to engine misfires generally isn’t that simple. It can be related to many other parts that are involved in the engine process, such as vacuum leaks, valve spring wear and tear, and ignition timing.

Reasons Behind Engine Misfires

The first reason behind engine misfire has to do with the ignition parts. Every part of the ignition helps to generate the spark that is required when starting your engine. The ignition is made up of multiple parts that must all work together in order to create that spark. As the engine of your Audi gets more and more use, the parts of the ignition will wear down. These parts are not meant to last forever, so it only makes sense that they would need to be replaced over time.

As each part wears down or corrodes, they will gradually get to the point where there is not enough electricity to generate that necessary spark. Corrosion and wear is something that will happen over time, so the first few misfires may occur and you won’t even notice. But the longer these parts are left unattended, the greater the misfires will become.

If there is nothing wrong with the ignition but you still notice your engine misfiring, then another reason behind the misfire could be coming from the fuel. The parts in the fuel tank and throughout the fuel system generally last longer, so it may not be an issue of corrosion. It could be a clogged fuel filter that is causing the engine misfires. When the fuel filter is clogged, the correct amount of fuel will not get mixed with the oxygen. This will create a misfire because the mixture is uneven.

One way you will be able to tell that the engine misfire is caused by the fuel system is because your Audi will misfire while in the idle position. If there is an issue with the fuel system, the engine will not misfire are you are driving.

Servicing your Audi

Having an engine that misfires is an issue that needs addressing Audi Faulty Spark Plugimmediately. It is important to fix this as soon as possible so it does not lead to larger issues down the road. As soon as you hear and feel your engine misfire, it is time to bring your Audi in to us here at Cerrone’s European.

We are conveniently located in Redwood City, CA. You can make an appointment with one of our trained and certified technicians. Once you bring your Audi in, our technicians will use the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic tools in order to determine the cause of the engine misfire. When the cause has been identified we will go over the options available to you in regards to the necessary repairs. We will work with you in a friendly and comforting manner and offer you the best manufactured parts without charging you those dealership prices. Your happiness and peace of mind are something we constantly strive towards, so we will always make sure that you are actively in control over all the decisions for repair that need to occur in your Audi. You will leave your visit with us with an Audi that no longer misfires and is safe on the road.

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