How to Deal With Valve Cover Oil Leaks in Your Audi

The best way to maintain your Audi is to keep a service schedule. An issue that can arise in your Audi between routine maintenance is oil leaking from the valve cover. If this leak is left to its nature, damage to your Audi’s expensive engine parts will occur. The information below will help you catch a leak quickly in order to avoid excessive damage and unnecessary repairs.

The Valve Cover

The valve cover in your Audi is located at the top of the engine cylinder head. The valve cover is secured into place by the valve cover gasket. These two parts work together to ensure that the engine oil does not leak out as it is circulating through the camshafts, rockers, and valves.

Engine oil is needed to keep all the parts lubricated. When lubricated, your Audi works smoothly, without any friction issues. Without the engine oil, the parts are in danger of grinding together and heating up due to friction. This will lead to accelerated wear and tear issues. So to prevent this, the valve cover needs to remain leak-free.

Common Signs of Valve Cover Oil Leaks

The first way to deal with a valve cover oil leak in your Audi is to know the common signs of a problem. Knowing these symptoms will help to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage from happening to your Audi.

The first sign of an oil leak coming from the valve cover is a burning smell. When the oil leaks from the valve cover, it will drip onto the fuel intake, cylinder head, or exhaust pipes. When the oil leaks onto these hot engine parts, it will immediately burn, and you are able to easily smell this distinct scent.

Another sign of an oil leak from the valve cover is if the engine is low on oil. There is an engine oil light on the dashboard of your Audi that illuminates when it is time to change or refill the engine oil. If your Audi runs on low engine oil, the parts will not be properly lubricated. This reduction in lubrication will cause excessive heat to build up, leading to the engine parts being damaged. You will notice that a leak has occurred because the engine oil light is frequently illuminated even if you have recently filled up the oil.

If your Audi’s engine is running rough or misfiring, it could be due to an oil leak. If the leak is bad enough, it will eventually make its way down to the well of the spark plug and seep into the spark plug tubes. These tubes need to remain oil-free in order to provide your Audi with a clean and smooth engine start. With oil in the tubes, the spark will misfire and cause the engine to run roughly. If this leak is left long enough, your Audi’s engine could catch fire due to the frequent misfires.

One last sign that will alert you to a valve cover oil leak is if the valve cover is dirty. When the oil leaks out, some of it collects around the gasket. Dirt, grime, and small pieces of debris attach to this oil. The valve cover will have a “caked” appearance. So if you have changed your engine oil recently but are still experiencing leak issues, you can confirm a leak by looking to see if the valve cover is caked.

Repairing the Valve Cover

As soon as you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, it is time to bring your Audi in to us for Audi Engine Oil Change servicing at Cerrone’s European in Redwood City, CA. Over the years, we have become more specific in the types of vehicles that we service. With this specialized service, our experienced technicians are able to acquire and hold more unique certifications when it comes to European vehicles.

We take pride in offering all of our customers excellent and reliable service. When you schedule an appointment with us online, you can trust that your Audi will be repaired with quality service with the latest technical tools available. Your valve cover oil leak will be inspected, diagnosed, and repaired to get you safely back on the road in a quick turnaround time. Call us today for a convenient appointment.

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